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Vicky Pattison Happy Birthday Lass

Vicky Pattison Happy Birthday Lass

Vicky Pattison Happy Birthday Lass



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We have teamed up with the one and only Vicky Pattison, to create the ultimate birthday card for Vicky fans with 100% of all profits being donated to a charity close to Vicky’s heart, Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.

Vicky explains: “This year, my dad got cancer. And that would be scary and awful enough any year- but happening in 2020 added a whole heap of extra issues, difficulties and heartbreak. My dad had to go through the majority of this alone as he wasn’t allowed someone with him in the hospital due to the Covid-19 virus. On top of that, even when lockdown restrictions were relaxed- we couldn’t risk giving him anything, with his immune system at an all-time low due to his treatment - so when we wanted to be there for my dad the most, and when he really needed us, for the most part we were unable to comfort him. Which has been an incredibly difficult pill for us to swallow.

“Throughout this entire process the team at Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care have been a real ray of sunlight for my dad and I’ll never be able to thank them enough! They offer vehicles to transport outpatients, free of charge, to and from Hospital who are undergoing Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy cancer treatment. They’ve not only been taking my dad to and from the hospital, their wonderful volunteers have also provided him with comfort and kindness when things have got difficult and the pain worsened.”

Brian Burnie, Founder of Daft as a Brush, comments: “We’re so grateful to Vicky for thinking of us. We’ve been doing all we can during the coronavirus emergency to continue our cancer patient transport service and any help from donations, volunteers or collaborations like these will help us continue to offer our service to those that need it in the North East.”

Vicky adds: “I have teamed up with the amazing guys at Tache to create this wonderful card which is available to buy now and the proceeds will go directly to the amazing guys at Daft As A Brush to make sure they can go on helping so many people just like my dad. Thank you in advance for to anyone that buys one of these cards, for your kindness and generosity.”

Famous Faces is a uniquely humorous range from TACHE which includes hand finished 3D elements and a patterned envelope.


  • Printed premium quality textured envelope
  • Blank inside
  • Premium GF Smith textured board
  • 125 x 174 mm