By Francis Nicholls

International Cat Day - The Story of Tache The Cat

The 8th of August is International Cat Day! We are a nation of crazy cat lovers with 25% of UK adults owning a cat with an estimated cat population of a whopping 11.1 million. To celebrate this, we thought that we would share a short story of one our own furry friends who’ve inspired Tache from the very beginning… 

Tache, a gorgeous smokey grey British Shorthair, belongs to company founders Pennie and Frank and lives in sunny Dorset with her little brother, Toby. When she was a kitten, she sported some rather unique facial markings which looked just like a moustache, hence her unique name. Whilst Pennie and Frank were in the midst of setting up Tache (the company) and were thinking of ideas for a name, it occurred to them that the answer was sitting right in front of them!

And so, Tache (the company) was born, inspired by a fun-loving and playful kitten, much like the core values of the business. Interestingly, as she's grown up, Taches’ mustachio markings have almost completely faded - hopefully her fan-tache-tic furry charm has rubbed off on us! 

The superstar herself now enjoys a quiet and relaxing life soaking up her fame whilst still being the inspiration of many of our designs. In fact, one of our best-selling cards features a very cheeky cat, licking her lips over a delicious birthday cake. This design was influenced by Taches’ (the cat) own mischievous behaviour!

 Do you have any fun facts or stories about your own furry friends?



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