By Francis Nicholls

Introducing The Fabulous Frankie Norman!

In 2019 TACHE® will be launching a new sister brand named Lashes - but we can’t reveal too much about that just yet, as it is a closely guarded secret! However, we can tell you about one of the fabulous designers working with us behind the scenes on this exciting new project…

Meet Frankie Norman. She is an illustrator and designer who has recently graduated with a BA Hons in Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth. We decided to collaborate with Frankie because not only she is a fantastic designer, her style fits our vision for the new range perfectly!

So you can get to know Frankie a little better, we have asked her some questions relating to her creativity and process. Ok, here goes!

How did you become such a creative master-mind?

“It sounds really cliché but I was always surrounded by creativity growing up, my dad's an incredibly talented artist and I can't remember living in a house that didn't have about 50 paintings on the walls or illustrated books on the shelf! Drawing and painting has been part of my daily routine since before I can remember, so now it's just something I don't even have think about.”

What do you do to get in ‘the zone’ before designing?

“I can't be creative unless I'm in a cosy environment. I like to put some mellow music on, stock myself with endless cups of tea and make sure my desk is surrounded by plants and pretty things to look at.”

What is your greatest creative accomplishment?

“It's really hard to pinpoint your greatest creative accomplishment, I think it's constantly changing and being replaced by something else. But I would say so far it's landing this work with Tache (thanks guys!) and every time someone says my work is beautiful. Hopefully there will be loads more to come!”

Who, or what, is your greatest influence?

“I definitely get more influenced by places and objects rather than individual people. I'm a massive fan of vintage so anything from the past be it Victorian or mid century is probably my biggest influence. I love going to museums and taking ideas from ornate artefacts and fabrics, the patterns are so gorgeous.”

And finally, what lasting impression do you hope your work will have on other people?

“As long as my work makes people smile or tells a little story then I'm happy. Eventually I'd love to move onto producing homeware and items that people can use and that way my illustrations will be able to brighten up people's everyday in the smallest of ways.  I've had people tell me that my work has the charm of a time gone by and I think that's a really nice way to put what I'm trying to achieve.”

The ranges that we are working on with Frankie will be released at Spring Fair 2019, so I’m afraid you will have to wait until then to see the final designs, but trust us, they will be worth the wait!


  • Good luck with this new experience Frankie! Can’t wait to see what your brilliant mind can came up with! Lots of love x

    Miry on

  • I am so looking forward to seeing Frankie’s new designs in the spring.

    Stephanie on

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