By Francis Nicholls

Living Wage Week 2018

Here at Tache we’re proud to be accredited as a ‘Living Wage Employer’ and this week we are delighted to be supporting Living Wage Week.

Living Wage Week is a UK-wide event celebrating the work of the Living Wage Foundation and their mission for a real living wage for everyone.

As a Living Wage Employer, Tache is committed to paying all of our fantastic employees a real living wage, which realistically meets their living costs. We became a Living Wage Employer because we agree wholeheartedly with the Foundation’s belief that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. So, after paying all the boring bills each month, hopefully there’s money left over for some of the more fun things in life!

The drive for a living wage was started in 2001 by Citizens UK and, since then, the Living Wage Foundation has been campaigning to ensure everyone can earn a real living wage. One that at least meets living costs and not just the minimum set out by the government.

Whilst the government sets and reviews a national minimum wage, it’s not actually calculated according to what employees and their families realistically need to live. But, the Living Wage rates set out by the Living Wage Foundation are independently-calculated and are based on what people really need to get by.

This is why at Tache we are pleased to join big name companies such as Ikea, Nationwide and Nestle in paying our employees a fair and real living wage, as set out by The Living Wage Foundation.

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