By Francis Nicholls

Festive Friday 2018

As we are sure you are all aware Friday the 30th of November was the Greeting Card Association’s Festive Friday, and here at Tache we got into the spirit of things!

The idea behind this occasion is for everyone in the card industry to take some time out of busy Christmas preparations to write and send their own Christmas cards.  This is to create a wave of cards early in December to get everyone in the festive card writing mood!

We got involved last week by writing all of our Christmas cards to our lovely customers, suppliers and friends of Tache. It was the perfect opportunity to get the team together and do something festive, with of course the addition of Christmas music and obviously mince pies.

We would like to spread the message of the campaign which is ‘send a card, deliver a smile’ and encourage everyone to send a thoughtful Christmas card to friends and family this year, and every year!



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